Nov. 20, 2012

7 Keys to Selling Your House When Sales are Slow

What was once a booming residential real estate market across the country has slowed to a trickle.

Interviewing agents

You’ll want to interview at least three real estate agents to determine who will do the best job for you. What you are trying to determine is who has a finger ...

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Oct. 20, 2011

Get Your House Ready to Show to Buyers

A house that "sparkles" on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbor, even though both are structurally well maintained.

From experience, REALTORS® also know that a "well-polished" house appeals to more buyers and will sell faster and for a higher price. Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing ...

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Aug. 9, 2011

How to Set a List Price for Your Home

Setting the list price for your home involves evaluating various market conditions and financial factors. During this phase of the home selling process, your REALTOR® will help you set your list price based on:

  • pricing considerations
  • comparable sales
  • market conditions
  • offering incentives
  • estimated net proceeds

Pricing Considerations – Find ...

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